It's good to look back, It reminds us of how far we've come and what we've achieved along the way.

Two years I've been in the business of helping New Zealanders and Australians with gifts for friends and family, and art for their home and office.
My design folder has become mind boggling and often does my head in looking back for an old design or idea.
I was looking back through my sales data for the last couple of years and discovered i'd been rather productive. 

Here's a quick look at my most popular designs.

Blackbirds Fly ~ My most expensive piece, extremely popular and a little bit time consuming. The blackbirds have always out sold every other design. 

Abbey Road ~ Beatles fans and Vinyl lovers have snapped these up every week so far. With many folks sending in old apple records to be chopped.

Love Heart ~ These always look amazing and paired with a meaningful record label, the most popular wedding present.

Bowie ~ Has always been a strong performer and fan favorite. The most popular of my caricatures. 

Tui New Zealand ~ Proud Kiwis have snapped up this beautiful design, it's my most popular native bird design, the fantail coming in a close second.