How to drive sales without advertising ?

Facebook advertising isn't what it used to be when I started this business, in fact its not even profitable anymore without a massive commitment to multiple ads, email campaigns, retargetting and very large budgets. The trouble with this is I end up making records for FB and every month I seem to do more for them.
You may have noticed I didn't advertise much last year on FB, I've switch to a tool that takes my products from the website and shares them organically to FB and Instagram etc.
This works fairly well except that FB has been lowering organic reach to force people to advertise.. Groan.

This is a bit scary for someone like myself who has relied on advertising to keep my business ticking over, pay the mortgage and keep the kids fed. 
3 years in business has taught me the toughest months are always January and July. 

I'm grateful that I got in and grew my page to 20,000 likes and an enormous customer base while the advertising worked, but times change and I have to change with them. So i'm on the hunt for something new.. I tried competitions but they make everyone wait to win at the end of the month and not buy a thing all month + FB has been lowering the reach of posts that ask you to tag comment a share.  Arghhh.

I'd much rather give my money to my customers and friends. I know I have an amazing fan base full of wisdom and experience, do you have any great ideas that might help me gain some traction and get more reach and sales ?