Cowan Creative - Vinyl Record Art

Cowan Creative uses recycled materials sourced from dumps, op-shops and secondhand music stores. Every record is individually custom-made and shines with expert craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for music. This contemporary spin on a retro commodity produces an aesthetic that integrates well with any style of décor.

The monochromatic, two-dimensional essence of a vinyl record is naturally transformed into a canvas — beautiful in its simplicity. Vinyl is a treasured symbol of the music that shared voices and ideas during a pre-digital age.

Based in New Zealand, Cowan Creative is a culmination of the life work of Joshua Cowan. Josh and his wife, Sarah, are raising two lively little boys, Lachlan and Thomas, in the small port city of Timaru. Approaching work as a passion project enables Josh to be the father and husband that his family deserves.
The Cowan family is incredibly grateful to connect with buyers worldwide and strives to provide the best experience possible.