Work Queue ~ Dispatch and Shipping

One week plus shipping.
Your art is made to order in New Zealand. 

Free Shipping on 2+ designs for NZ and 4+ designs AU

Typical courier costs 

New Zealand ~ $8
Australia ~ $24
Worldwide ~ $32

Shipping times and accurate prices for your location can be found on the checkout page.

Choice of Records

Your art will be made with a cheap and cheerful record usually costing around $2 each.

You can send me a record to use for your order if you'd like something more specific. 

Cowan Creative Ltd
Attn : Joshua Cowan
126 Evans Street
Timaru 7910
New Zealand 


It's important your art makes it safe and sound. 

Your art is protected by a strong four layer cardboard booklet with glued alternating layers to keep it safe from bumps and bending, then further secured in a strong waterproof courier bag. 
I don't do things by halves, your art is good to go, anywhere in the world.

Your art will be mounted using blutak. I also recommend blutak for future mounting in frames or straight on the wall.


I am no longer framing my art.

Here's a great DIY option that many Australian customers are using.

Requests and Custom

I'm taking a break from design and custom work for the foreseeable future.