Early in 2015 the Cowans made a decision that has changed our life.

We'd been struggling with adapting to being parents, working full time while our children (Lachlan and Thomas) demanded more of Sarah and myself.  Time away from home working on the road was chewing into time I could spend watching my children grow and supporting Sarah who was under huge pressure with two kids under three.

It was at this point that I was having a beer with my mate Jim, listening to records and talking about my goals and desires. I mentioned that I really needed something common and underused that could be represented as something new and creative with instant recognition.
"Josh ! Could you cut something into these Vinyl records" he suggested,
"not these ones but the boxes I have stored at work that I can't get rid of.."

And that's where it all began.. I cut Jim a Jim Morrison silhouette.

I find my records at the dump, op-shops and the local record shop.
I'm not looking for the greatest bands or most expensive records and usually pay around a dollar each for them. Its the colors and styles I go for, but the themes and memories that pop out with closer inspection always surprise me. 

At the end of the day it's you that makes this possible so we would like to thank past, present and future customers for all your support and allowing us to live the life that we knew we deserved. 

Sarah and Josh, Lachlan and Thomas.

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  • Lynda Haines on

    Hi, trying to order a surprise birthday gift for the 24 April, using Van Morrisons Avalon. Sunset LP if you have it and I have a few ideas I’d like to discuss with you regarding the artwork. Have sent you an email but had no reply so not sure if you received it ? If this LP is impossible to source will come up with a Plan B !


    Lynda Haines

  • Karalie on

    Hi josh,
    I’ve had a few pieces done by you – thankyou your work is our wedding gift of choice!
    Is it possible to get the heart framed with the bride & grooms name , wedding date also cut out included in the frame??
    If so can you let me know price and I’ll order /pay straight away.
    Names are…..
    Adam & Sonia 8-4-2017

  • Jen on

    Hi there i was wondefing if you could do a fox raching one, like the fox head?

  • Becky Goodall on

    Dear friends,

    Our names are Becky and Tayler and we are emailing to enquire if you are able to help with a charity that is close to our hearts and who we do volunteer work for – South Pacific Animal Welfare, also known as SPAW.

    We are currently working on an event to raise funds to help the animals in the South Pacific through the amazing SPAW programme. SPAW was founded in 2010 by a group of kiwis, and is a registered NZ charity. The organisation delivers free veterinary programmes to our neighbouring pacific islands which is a service that is so needed. On average, they run 6 clinics each year and these can be to Tonga, Vava’u, Niue, Samoa, Fiji or Rarotonga. Without SPAW many islands would receive no care for their animals. SPAW is not government funded so they rely heavily on donations of product (and money) plus many vets and vet nurses provide their skills free of charge to the programme.

    SPAW foster a collaborative approach, always working alongside local island agencies giving not only care to animals, but much needed training and education to locals. It is a real hands-up approach and such a great service. The organisation also prides itself on offering life-enhancing volunteer opportunities to kiwi vets, vet nurses and animal welfare advocates.

    The SPAW organisation provisions all the drugs and equipment required to run their extensive and professionally managed programme. During a 5-day clinic, SPAW will de-sex up to 300 animals and treat a further 200 animals for various ailments, diseases or illness.

    All of SPAWs patients receive quality care and all of the animals are de-flead, de-wormed and vaccinated against the Parvo Virus. The organisation also invests time and resources into training local island vet techs – passing on valuable skills and knowledge as they go.

    Can you help donate an item to our fundraising event for SPAW?

    We are hosting a charity event at Stellar on the 17th of June and ask if you could kindly donate your product. This is going to be a great evening

    Most of the guests will be professionals and we hope to raise $5,000 on the night. In return we will ensure you receive appropriate thanks on the night and a letter acknowledging your support from the charity.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Becky and Tayler

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