The next big step

When I grew this business, I had full control and no team. I achieved some amazing things but boy did it get more and more painful as I tried to squeeze more out of each month.
Winter this year was the worst and forced me to dig deep within and evolve out of my own limitations. I rediscovered meditation. I was forced to ask for help, take a risk, give up full control. Oh No ! 

But funnily enough out of this has come a massively reduced stress level and more than double the turnover per month. I've been able to help two local friends with young businesses to earn some money working on some of my more time consuming areas, all while learning from my experience, my successes and failures.

Their businesses, brands and ideas are growing and so are my own. We have definitely run out of space and Sarah is putting the pressure on me to clear the house of this monster business and all its attachments. 

So we are on the move ! And we are doing it as a group, a collective of like minded individuals keen to grow and learn together.

We'd love you to share in our journey, become a patron of the arts and even learn some valuable insights that you can apply to your own creative dreams. 


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  • Christine Thompson on

    Gosh Josh u had me worried for a bit, saw this post & thought ‘oh no he’s moving away!!’ So glad to hear it’s only local & I can still continue to purchase your awesome vinyl pictures!! I have bought 4 in the past year & have many more I would like u to do for me when things get a bit quieter for you. You are an awesome artist & I recommend u to everyone who wants to own a uniquely brilliant work of art; ur pictures are absolutely amazing!!! :-)

  • Jan-Maree on

    Love your work….have 2 of your pieces….it’s called having Faith, congrats to you all at Cowan Creations ?

  • Mel Veatupu on

    Fantastic news about Timaru Hive creative work shop. Does this mean that you are maybe doing one offs again? If so I would seriously interested. I have emailed earlier this year. It would be a for a birthday gift in November 2017. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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